Donnerstag, 22. Juni 2017


The second Baithak on 6 June 2016 in Alt-Treptow again featured a variety of musical styles of Indian music.

The first section was devoted to Nazrul Sangeet, the songs of Nazrul, national poet of Bangladesh, performed by Bangladesh native Murshida Arzu Alpana, who also played harmonium and was accompanied by Yatziv Caspi.

An ensemble of Berlin tabla players, named after Berlin-based tabla tarang and sarod player Kamalesh Maitra and led by Laura Patchen, continued with works by Maitra, whose music sometimes aspired to describe cosmic themes.

Finally, sarod player Apratim Majumdar and tabla player Amit Chatterjee performed Jaijaivanti, first a solo alap-jor-jhala on sarod, followed by joining of the tabla for a vilambit laya rhythmic cycle of tintal. They decided to follow this up with the ever-popular Bhairavi in tala dadra together with a presentation of the raga mala ("garland of raga") form which gives glimpses of several ragas during one performance.

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